You do amazing work with women if my own recent experience of you is anything to go by, and I can’t imagine the toll that it takes. In addition to being exposed to women’s stories and experiences each week, I can imagine that it requires the hugest of huge amounts of resilience to deal with ‘the industry’.

Just from my own much less-informed perspective, I see the power that big pharma has over the whole oncology system including doctors, other consultants and practitioners, and also the media in shaping a narrative around conventional medicine. That narrative can drown out other voices who speak sense based on different types of solid research (whatever that is really) and so stop the wonderful life-saving treatments and practices beyond the conventional.

I am sensing an excitement about what is going to emerge through your work. I can almost feel the rumblings of power to shake up conventional thinking and make space for a richer narrative and much more choice. And ways to connect women together in how they learn from and live with breast cancer. My sense is that this whole field is on the verge of a breakthrough and personally, I’m excited about what you’re going to do as part of that. I will be watching and supporting from the sidelines. I’m going to keep connected to your community.

Alison – Stage IV breast cancer patient