Empowering Your Recovery

Dawn Waldron is a registered Nutritional Therapist and Nutrigenetic Counsellor, studying breast cancer for over 20 years both as a practitioner and survivor. Her Power Through Breast Cancer is designed to support you through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Dawn graduated with distinction from The Institute for Optimum Nutrition in 2004, joining the ION education team for five years before moving into full time practice. In 2017 Dawn graduated with a postgraduate certificate in Personalised Nutrition focussing on the role of nutrigenetics for breast cancer.

To find out more you can tune in to a recent podcast, listen to a conference recording, explore the site and read the blog. When you’re ready, please book a Strategy Meeting to discuss how nutritional and nutrigenetic therapy can help you.

The plethora of books and advice out there is confusing to say the least.  Your ability to distil the latest research and give sensible practical advice on how to make changes to our diets I personally find invaluable.


I just wanted to add my voice to the admiration and encouragement for your next steps, it’s a fantastic idea and I eagerly look forward to seeing what emerges, you are such a positive, informative and supportive resource for women with breast cancer, if ever you feel that your voice is being minimised by those with narrower narratives than yours (medical modal etc) just remember the community of women and medical professionals who do believe in your vast expertise and passion…..you deserve an OBE for all that you have achieved and continue to offer

Katrina – Stage III breast cancer patient