Getting Personal About Cancer

I offer nutritional therapy and lifestyle coaching to help individuals return to health after a cancer diagnosis – applying everything I’ve learned both personally and professionally from fifteen years of clinical practice, and more than  twenty years of breast cancer survival.

My practice is based on years of study, up-to-date research, and a passion for my subject. You will have heard people say ‘we are what we eat’ but it’s really not that simple: our genes and environment, thoughts and lifestyle have significant impact too. Our work will focus on the interaction of all these factors in your life, creating a tailored diet and lifestyle plan to help you to get the best from your treatment, and to support your return to health and happiness once treatment is over.

A cancer diagnosis turns your life upside down. I aim to help you get back in balance, to cultivate new trust and respect for your body, and to re-engage with life with optimism and energy. By making better diet and lifestyle choices in the future than you did in the past, you are statistically far more likely to join the survivors.

I have achieved an advanced level of academic and professional competence but I am also a warm and friendly therapist with a practical and down to earth approach. In 2016 I completed a postgraduate certificate in Personalised Nutrition with CNELM and in 2017 I became a registered Functional Medicine practitioner and BANT registered nutrigenetic counsellor. I graduated from ION in 2004, I’m registered with BANT and CNHC, and accredited by the NTC. I am an expert on the ketogenic diet and one of the first nutritional therapists to write about it in the UK, publishing my book, The Dissident Diet, in 2012. (Having said that, nutritional ketosis is not a ‘miracle cure’ – it’s not suitable for all cancers – but it is a powerful tool and works well alongside other nutritional factors to support optimal health.) I am a well-known lecturer and public speaker within my profession, and write a popular health and recipe blog.

I see clients at home in Kent and also via Skype and FaceTime, allowing me to help clients all over the world. You can read more about me over here or watch a short video over here. Learn more about my approach by following the blog, cooking the recipes, and keeping an eye out for updates on Facebook. When you’re ready, please get in touch to tell me about yourself or make an appointment or book a free exploratory chat with me here.

At the current time in the UK it is illegal for anyone who is not a doctor to claim to treat or prevent cancer or to give advice about cancer treatment. The information, recipes and suggestions shared here are written for a wide audience and should not be construed as personal recommendations; neither are they intended as an alternative to medical advice.

The plethora of books and advice out there is confusing to say the least.  Your ability to distil the latest research and give sensible practical advice on how to make changes to our diets I personally find invaluable.


You helped me see that there are things you can do to help yourself and you know what changes to make if you give yourself enough time, thought and kindness.