Empowering Your Recovery

In July 2019 several respected healthcare institutions called for changes to the delivery of cancer care across the UK with greater focus on ‘prehabilitation’, including nutrition, exercise and psychological support’ to improve treatment options, side effects and recovery. It’s an approach I’ve been advocating for more than 20 years, and something I’m uniquely qualified to provide. I’m a 23 year survivor of Stage 3 Grade 3 receptor negative disease and I have 17 years clinical experience as a nutritional therapist, nutrigenetic counsellor and life coach; I now spend my life helping women do everything they possibly can to recover from breast cancer, using diet and lifestyle interventions to make the most of medical treatment, to reduce side effects, speed up recovery and increase the probability of a cancer-free future. I know that cancer is the diagnosis we all dread, but it can also be a wake up call to reclaim our power, restore our health and revamp our lives.

In 2020, drawing on everything I’ve learned from sixteen years of helping individual women with breast cancer, I have launched a new way to empower yourself after diagnosis. The Power Through Breast Cancer workshop is a practical, educational and evidence-based day that condenses twenty-two years of survivorship into a few hours of life-changing inspiration. The workshop is based on the knowledge that cancer is a metabolic disease that can be profoundly influenced by changes in diet and lifestyle. My aim is to empower you to understand your diagnosis, get more out of treatment, manage side effects, identify personal risk factors, recover more quickly, and diminish fear and uncertainty. The workshops are suitable for everyone at every stage, including those wise enough to be focussing on prevention, providing a springboard to making more informed choices about your future. You can book your place here.

For diagnosed breast cancer patients wanting a more personalised approach I offer clinical consultations. You can read more about this over here and book a free exploratory chat if you are keen to explore this approach.

I look forward to working with you!


1 March 2020: During the coronavirus pandemic I have taken the precaution of moving all clinic appointments to virtual meetings: these sessions work very well as long as you are comfortable with the technology. Likewise, I have suspended booking for workshops until we are clearer about the way the virus will spread, especially among the cancer community. You can book a free exploratory chat here and schedule appointments as normal over here

I just wanted to add my voice to the admiration and encouragement for your next steps, it’s a fantastic idea and I eagerly look forward to seeing what emerges, you are such a positive, informative and supportive resource for women with breast cancer, if ever you feel that your voice is being minimised by those with narrower narratives than yours (medical modal etc) just remember the community of women and medical professionals who do believe in your vast expertise and passion…..you deserve an OBE for all that you have achieved and continue to offer

Katrina – Stage III breast cancer patient

Our sessions have had a massive impact on me. I fast almost everyday and  I sit in my garden every morning come rain or shine and drink my black coffee, which in turn means I now have a daily bowel movement without fail, which In turn makes me so happy! It’s a great start to the day and has such an impact on my mental state. Plus I sleep much better now I get morning daylight

I’m rambling but the info and advice you’ve given me, along with the supplements you’ve recommended have really made a difference to how much better I feel. Thanks so much for getting me to a stage where I don’t think about cancer all the time and I feel empowered that I can keep myself well.

All the best to you and your family. May you have wonderful adventures!

Giovanna – Stage I breast cancer patient