I created my breast cancer recovery programme to help women get the maximum possible benefit out of their breast cancer experience. A cancer diagnosis is something we all dread, but it can also be the wake up call we need to reclaim our power, restore our health and revamp our lives.

A personally tailored diet and lifestyle plan can support you to be as healthy as possible from the moment you’re diagnosed: it has the potential not only to help you withstand the impact of cancer treatment but also to improve treatment outcomes and reduce the risk of recurrence.

While NHS cancer care is a vital part of your healing and recovery plan, it doesn’t go far enough to help you identify and modify the individual health risks that led to your breast cancer in the first place. By removing the tumour but failing to address the tumour microenvironment, conventional care is missing a vital piece of the jigsaw: nutrition and lifestyle support is the ideal way to bridge the gap.

Cancer is not as random as we are led to believe. The health and lifestyle issues that increase the chance of diagnosis are well understood, and many are avoidable. Even after diagnosis, it’s possible to modify medically recognised risk factors based on an understanding of your health history, genetic predispositions, and hormonal and biochemical pathways.

My work is based on extensive study, ongoing research and specialist clinical experience. Our work together will condense twenty-two years of survivorship and sixteen years of clinical experience into a few short hours of life-changing coaching: a springboard to making more powerful choices about your future.

There is lots more information on my website. You’ll find answers to some of your questions, like: what can be done? where’s the evidence? when should I start? who do I need on my team? But empowerment starts with our beliefs about cancer itself. I’ve shared my perspective here — it’s a good place to start. I hope your visit here today leaves you feeling more optimistic and inspired than when you arrived.

Learn more by watching this short film, following the blog and cooking the recipes.

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The plethora of books and advice out there is confusing to say the least.  Your ability to distil the latest research and give sensible practical advice on how to make changes to our diets I personally find invaluable.


You helped me see that there are things you can do to help yourself and you know what changes to make if you give yourself enough time, thought and kindness.