Specialising in breast cancer support was a natural choice following my own diagnosis over twenty-five years ago. Despite excellent medical care I knew I needed ‘more than medicine’ to recover, and I had a strong sense that my diet and lifestyle choices had contributed to my problems.

So I went back to college in 1999 to train as a nutritional therapist and later added coaching skills and postgraduate studies in nutrigenomics to my practice. What started out as a personal mission to understand the links between my diet, lifestyle and habits has blossomed into a deep and lasting vocation for helping other women in the same situation.

I have learned that cancer is not random, as we are so often led to believe, but personal. Cancer is about what we eat, how we live, the things we surround ourselves with, and the genes we inherited. A cancer diagnosis means that we were living in a way that overwhelmed our body’s damage and repair capacity, an equation that differs for each individual.

Cancer asks us to change the way we interact with the world. We need to give ourselves permission to live life on our own terms, based on our psychological and physiological limits, respecting the deep self-knowledge that is there when you listen. A healthy life is not a one size fits all formula, it’s uniquely personal, and I’d love to help you find out what that means for you.

My work is based in evidence, experience and empathy, drawing on the science while encouraging your own interpretation. I help dozens of women each year to see their situation with new eyes, and regain their health and happiness.

Explore the blog, learn about the way I work, and when you are ready, please book an appointment.

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Dawn Waldron | Nutritional Therapist and Nutrigenetic Counsellor
PG Cert (Personalised Nutrition), BSc(Hons), DipION, mBANT, CNHC

Please note that nutritional therapy is not a substitute for medical care. I am unable to diagnose, treat or cure cancer, nor can I provide urgent or acute care.

The plethora of books and advice out there is confusing to say the least.  Your ability to distil the latest research and give sensible practical advice on how to make changes to our diets I personally find invaluable.


I just wanted to add my voice to the admiration and encouragement for your next steps, it’s a fantastic idea and I eagerly look forward to seeing what emerges, you are such a positive, informative and supportive resource for women with breast cancer, if ever you feel that your voice is being minimised by those with narrower narratives than yours (medical modal etc) just remember the community of women and medical professionals who do believe in your vast expertise and passion…..you deserve an OBE for all that you have achieved and continue to offer

Katrina – Stage III breast cancer patient