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I’ve spent the last twenty-five years learning everything I can about breast cancer; it has been a private and professional quest as I seek to survive my own frightening diagnosis, and aim to bridge the enormous gap between the medical viewpoint and that of the natural healing professions, and between the advanced state of the science and the crippled state of our health provision in the UK.

We are used to free health care in this country but, in reality, it’s free sickness care. The NHS has long since abandoned any pretence of maintaining a healthy population; the focus is on medicating our illness rather than restoring our wellness. It is no different for cancer patients. It is widely acknowledged that cancer patients finish treatment in a worse state of overall health than when they started. There is simply no appetite for building patients up again. That is something you must do for yourself if you wish to get well again and stay well.

DIY healthcare was my personal philosophy back in 1998 when I began my own recovery following six months of gruelling chemo and five weeks of radiotherapy which left me with agonising burns. There was no one who could provide me with a route map, so I had to create one for myself; cobbling the pieces together from a mix of science, study and success stories. I’m so happy to be able to share what I’ve learned along the way to provide others with a recovery plan twenty-five years later.

Of course, there is no such thing as a typical Survivor Journey, but there are key landmarks that most of us go through, and need help to navigate. The information on this website will cover all of these and more. You can use the search box to look for any of the ideas mentioned above, or use the navigation menu in the left hand sidebar to look at specific areas of interest.

In the scientific literature there is great emphasis on identifying the Hallmarks of Cancer as a route to finding a pharmaceutical cure, and very little resource made available to looking at the potential for natural healing. My own reading of the literature has highlighted some key areas of of health and wellbeing that are associated with positive outcomes in cancer patients and the pursuit of these forms the basis of my work.

I am all too keenly aware that many of the people I want to reach cannot afford private consultations and – while I think that getting one-to-one expert advice is the best way to cut through the mass of information out there to arrive at the bits that are relevant for you – I am also a huge fan of finding things out for yourself. After all, that’s the way I did it. There were no complementary cancer specialists back in 1997, when I was diagnosed.

You can find what you want by searching, and by looking at the Categories in the left hand margin, and by clicking on the tag cloud. I strongly suggest starting at the beginning and working your way forward as it is probably more logical that way but of course you’ll have your own ideas and your own unique way of doing things and I want to encourage you to follow your instincts.

So please explore the blog and find your answers and, drop me a line (via the contact page) if there’s something I haven’t covered that you need to know.

Good Luck!


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