In their own words…

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of being asked to complete a survey every time I buy a product or use a service. Hence, I don’t normally ask clients for feedback. So it’s all the more satisfying when I receive totally unsolicited testimonials like these:

“I picked the right nutritionist for me. You have been the perfect mix of science, love and warmth.”
Janey – Bristol

“Dawn, I found our meetings inspirational and full of hope. I came to you following a diagnosis of significant breast cancer with spread to the lymph nodes, and felt that your own experience coupled with your sense of compassion and empathy helped me enormously. You are able to take a view of the whole person rather than a collection of symptoms and I came away feeling that I could do many things to help promote a positive outcome.”
Frances – Tunbridge Wells

“All of your literature – your meal plan, your supplement plan, your website etc, are so beautifully designed and put together.  And they also exude a real warmth and sense of thoughtfulness.  They must have taken a long time to get right, but having worked with quite a few people in the health industry, I can tell you that it makes a HUGE difference.”  
Charlotte – London

“Some really good news today.  Went to see the oncologist who was just amazed as my tumour marker has dropped substantially and my liver function has improved dramatically too despite being on the palbo and going to Portugal and enjoying myself.  The nurses were amazed at how much weight I have lost as well. So thank you!”
Sandra – London

5-star reviews on the Healthily podcast

“After my diagnosis of breast cancer, I bought [a well-known nutritionist]’s cook book and tried to help myself – but there were so many unfamiliar ingredients and it felt too difficult. Coming to see you showed me that you can get well with normal food. It’s such a simple message and it has made it so much easier than I expected.”
Jo – Manchester

“Just to let you know that my blood results were excellent yesterday with my liver function coming back to normal for the first time in years.  The Gamma GT is now in the normal range.  My oncologist lowered my dosage of the palbociclibib which has enabled my white blood cells and neutrophils to improve, while the tumour marker continues to go lower. All I can say is that I am glad to have you on my team.”
Sandra – Again!

“Thank you so much for yesterdays session. I’m more and more grateful to have you in the picture.”
Emily – London

“Just to say thank you so much for today I drove a different woman home to the one I had brought with me; Mel found you completely inspirational.”
Julie – friend (and driver) to cancer patient

“Just got back from my medical review. Been on diet three months. Good cholesterol increased by a third – record 4.5. Bad cholesterol reduced by 25%. Long term blood glucose reduced from 67 to 44 – nurse says that’s gold medal levels. Oh & I’ve lost a stone.”
Jacqui – Tonbridge

“Thanks for my consultation, you are so well informed and offer a wealth of insight……it’s a shame that the NHS isn’t able to offer what you do as I’m sure the UK survival rates for breast cancer would significantly improve.”
Katrina – Romford

“It was really lovely to come and just be as I was and not have to pretend I was ok but just be miserable – thank you – everything is ordered and I am ON IT !! …in a gentle way 😊”
Leila – Crowborough

“Since meeting you in early November 2016, I have lost 22 kgs and consistently maintained that weight for the past 3 months (89kgs to 67kgs).  I feel fantastic, did not suffer from SAD over the winter months and have stopped taking my anti-depressants – all in all, I could not have asked for a better result so thank YOU very much for all of your advice to date.  I no longer feel sluggish in the mornings and am quite happy to get out of bed and ready for work without the need for snooze-time.  I have a clarity of thought that is simply on a different level to prior times. I am a far better shape than ever before and my belly has reduced in size over 25cms which is incredible – I have gone from a size 16 to a comfortable size 10.”
Katharine – Tunbridge Wells

5-star reviews on the Healthily podcast

“There’s so much I want to thank you for. I genuinely believe you have saved my life – it’s dramatic but true I feel. I would just have continued in a circle of self destruction/sabotage and who knows where it would have ended. You woke me up to what I was doing to myself and I… well you will never really know what a MASSIVE difference you have made to me. I was meant to meet you and I’m so glad I did.”
Jackie – Tonbridge

“Thank you for these brilliant notes and our chat yesterday. I felt hugely empowered by it. Thank you so much for setting me on the right course. I know now that I can be well and recover. Everything you’ve suggested is all very do-able and appeals massively to me. I shall keep you posted about progress.”
Jo – Brighton

“I couldn’t have asked to have met a more empathetic practitioner. You were so kind and everything you said made so much sense to me. Thank you again for all your help and all the notes it’s all so much clearer to me now I feel very confident about my future and my health.”
Elizabeth – Essex

5-star reviews on the Healthily podcast

I hope you are ok with me emailing you after such a long time. I would like to pick up on our discussions & book a session with you…I feel that the pure vegan diet (recommended by another practitioner) doesn’t give my body what it needs… My energy is very low (it may be due to recovery from a number of surgeries this year…I’m sleeping so much & assuming my body needs this to heal) over & above the sleep there is still low energy & total wipe out days…when even cleaning my teeth is an effort! My B12 has shown to be low as is my D3 & I’m wondering if this may be due to diet… It would be lovely to talk to you again Dawn…it feels like the ‘right’ time to reconnect with you…& support my health.
Jenn – Birmingham

“Happy New Year! This time last year I would never have expected to lose nearly 3 ½ stones in weight and be as physically fit as I am at the moment.  I haven’t had a body like this since my early 20’s!!!  It’s been a really remarkable journey so all my thanks to you for putting me on the right path!”
Nick – Tonbridge

“Thank you!  I think it’s amazing what we managed to achieve in three sessions. Partly because you are very generous with your time, but mostly because you engender an instantaneous rapport with your blend of willingness to share your experience, immense knowledge and understanding of critical illness and maverick humour.”
Lynne – Brighton 

5-star reviews on the Healthily podcast

“Just been to the doc for my follow-on blood test results. She is thrilled that my blood sugar has dropped from 7.6 down to 6.2 – she was expecting to tell me that I was diabetic today. BP also down and HbA1C results. Hopefully all will keep tracking downwards – will have a re-test end of summer/early autumn to keep me motivated.  All down to your diet and advice.”
Simon – Harpenden

“I’ve been mulling over my feelings after yesterday’s workshop and thinking a lot about the diet.  I used to be a confident headstrong woman, very good at my responsible job and stubborn as hell, if someone told me not to do something I’d immediately want to do the opposite.  Cancer seems to have stripped some of that away and when I go into meetings with my consultant I turn into some sort of victim waiting for the next pronouncement to be handed down to me. Yesterday made me think more about that, I’m determined to behave differently next week.  Like I said, what have I got to lose by trying something different? So, thank you for reigniting my fighting spirit, it was what I wanted out of yesterday.  I’m holding my head higher today and even the 2.5 hour journey home was strangely relaxing.”
Clare – Norfolk

“The best thing about the workshop was the way you explained and made clear the changes I was instinctively trying to find.”
Janette – High Wycombe

“Thank you so much for your support and patience over these past few months as I battle to overcome the inner issues that challenge me. I am in absolute awe of your knowledge, skills – and pure gift, and have loved working with you.”
Sue – Dartford

5-star reviews on the Healthily podcast

“Dawn is more than an expert in her field. Nutrition, lifestyle, balance and being the very best you can be are her passion and the essence of who she is. She has worked very effectively with teams and most recently on a 1:1 basis with a very sensitive situation. Her support, her practical and grounded approach make her wonderful to work with. She is a very special lady.”
Liz – London

“Dawn is a dynamo of energy, creativity and passion. She is wonderfully open, non judgmental and actively enquiring into every opportunity to enhance life and happiness. As a nutritionist she is a genius, everything is laid out in the most approachable, simple and understandable form and yet the transformations that she enables are lasting and profound.”
Neil – Bucks

“Your help and support this year has been amazing. I miss our chats! Sometimes I forget how far I have come. Mentally, I am in a much better place and I have a much better understanding of me. The coaching allowed me to put my energies and enthusiasm into new areas.”
Belinda – London