Reprogramming Your Body

“You cannot heal in the same environment that made you sick.”

No matter what your diagnosis or prognosis, recovery starts with correcting the tumour microenvironment and restoring immune function. And, while it’s hard to believe something as simple as diet and lifestyle can make a difference, there is mounting clinical evidence and inspiring personal anecdotes (gathered by sites like Radical Remission) to show that even advanced disease can be reversed.

Your body has a built-in cancer fighting capacity far more sophisticated than anything available on the NHS and our work will focus on regaining this ability. POWER THROUGH BREAST CANCER is a breast cancer recovery programme designed to restore your body to factory settings so your immune system can do the work it’s supposed to do.

When you think about nutrition you probably think about energy and nutrients, broccoli and sardines, cholesterol and fibre, salt and water. But nutritional therapy is about so much more than that! Inside your body, food becomes information – switching genes on and off, activating metabolic pathways, triggering enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters. We can use our knowledge of the way food works to make life difficult for cancer cells.

Your body is like a complex computer, capable of running lots of different programmes to keep you running normally. These ‘programmes’ control functions like growth, replication, repair and recycling. A cancer diagnosis is like the spinning ball you see when your computer freezes: a sign that your body is stuck in a single metabolic programme that is more beneficial for cancer cells than for you. The only way to return to normal is with a system reboot. That’s what nutritional therapy can do — by changing the quality, quantity and timing of the food you eat you can completely change the programmes you run, switching off growth and replication, and switching on repair and survival.

Everything about the way you live has an impact on your programming: sleep, stress, sunlight, work, alcohol, pesticides, love, hope… all of these things affect gene expression, hormonal regulation and cell signalling in a positive or negative way. When you’re fighting cancer you need to flick as many positive switches as possible, and that’s what POWER THROUGH BREAST CANCER is about: switching on your survival programmes.

As well as being less toxic and more supportive of overall health, nutritional therapy offers a more specific and personalised approach to cancer recovery than conventional treatment. The graphic below clearly shows how various cancer approaches can be rated for toxicity/specificity. They can be classified into four key areas or philosophies: nuke your body, override your body, trust your body, and support your body. There are pros and cons for all the approaches and I want to make it clear that I support people to choose conventional treatment — but I do believe it’s essential to supplement your medical care with something more holistic if you want to emerge healthier than before. My approach is firmly based in the bottom half of the graph – helping you to work with your body rather than against it, and helping your body to regain its innate healing ability.


POWER THROUGH BREAST CANCER can work in synergy with other approaches, both conventional or complementary, as an integrated part of your cancer plan. It can even help to repair the damage that other treatments cause. You may already be considering therapies like hyperbaric oxygen, hyperthermia, cannabis oil etc. Whatever you choose there is abundant evidence that diet and lifestyle changes can work alongside them to create a cancer-hostile microenvironment to improve outcomes and enhance recovery.

When we look at cancer as a metabolic disease it opens up a much more sophisticated and empowering range of therapeutic choices. There are literally hundreds of things you can do to make a difference to your prognosis and put yourself in the long tail of cancer thrivers.

I hope you’re feeling much more positive about your situation and ready to do some serious work together to transform your health. You can start the programme at any stage of your recovery but I encourage all patients to book a free exploratory chat first.

I look forward to talking to you!

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