Getting the message across

The unique nature of my work means I’m regularly invited to talk to cancer patients and professional audiences about what I do. Here are some highlights:

22 July 2020: I was thrilled to be the first guest on Nicola Moore’s Healthily Podcast. We talk about the importance of nutrigenomics for breast cancer. You can listen to the podcast here:
12 January 2019: UK Health Radio. Talking to Katharine Tate about my work. The listen again link is here:
September 2018. Featured practitioner in IHCAN magazine, the professional publication for complementary and alternative medicine practitioners in the UK.
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Also in 2018 I was invited by ION ( – the college where I trained to be a nutritional therapist) to give their graduation address. We had a lovely day and I enjoyed being asked to inspire another cohort of graduates. The photo above is of me graduating in 2004 and I was pleased to see that I’d lost 3 stone since then and kept it off with my own weight loss method, The Dissident Diet.

nouveau health talk

In 2018 I was invited by Nouveau Health to deliver a lecture on Cancer along with a few well-known names in the field.

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In September 2017 I was interviewed by  Top Santé magazine about nutrition for breast health and how to avoid becoming a cancer statistic, and I was a keynote speaker at Health and Wellbeing Live.