Getting the message across

The unique nature of my work means I’m regularly invited to talk to cancer patients and professional audiences about what I do. Here are some highlights:

An acknowledged expert in the Ketogenic Diet, and the first nutritional therapist to write a book about it (back in 2012), I teamed up with my friend and colleague Emma Beswick to present a 90 minute webinar on the nutrigenomic factors that influence an individual’s ability to maintain a ketogenic, or ‘fasting mimicking’ diet to an audience of over 400 health professionals. The recording is available on the Lifecode Gx website.

In November 2020 I was invited to talk about the very important role of stress in cancer for UK Health Radio. You can listen to the conversation between me and Robin Daly here:

On 11 October 2020 I was invited to give a presentation on Nutrigenetics – the most exciting new area of development for integrated cancer care – by the wonderful Yes To Life Charity. You can listen to me chatting to Emma Beswick, founder of Lifecode Gx about the way food can influence our genes to behave themselves and lead to better outcomes in cancer. You can purchase the whole set of recordings featuring dozens of inspirational cancer experts here:
22 July 2020: I was thrilled to be the first guest on Nicola Moore’s Healthily Podcast. We talk about the importance of nutrigenomics for breast cancer. You can listen to the podcast here:
12 January 2019: UK Health Radio. Talking to Katharine Tate about my work. The listen again link is here:
September 2018. Featured practitioner in IHCAN magazine, the professional publication for complementary and alternative medicine practitioners in the UK.
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Also in 2018 I was invited by ION ( – the college where I trained to be a nutritional therapist) to give their graduation address. We had a lovely day and I enjoyed being asked to inspire another cohort of graduates. The photo above is of me graduating in 2004 and I was pleased to see that I’d lost 3 stone since then and kept it off with my own weight loss method, The Dissident Diet.

nouveau health talk

In 2018 I was invited by Nouveau Health to deliver a lecture on Cancer along with a few well-known names in the field.

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In September 2017 I was interviewed by  Top Santé magazine about nutrition for breast health and how to avoid becoming a cancer statistic, and I was a keynote speaker at Health and Wellbeing Live.