Where do I Start?

There are three ways to start working with me and each initial consultation has a different focus. Follow-on support is always available at each stage of your breast cancer experience. After each meeting I will send you an outline of my recommendations together with ways to improve your current diet and a supplement plan tailored to your receptor status, and normally some information on wider aspects of health, for example bone support, weight management, digestive wellbeing.

Personal Power Plan

The ideal starting point for all newly-diagnosed patients, this consultation provides a vital missing link for anyone who is going through the system. Picking up where conventional medicine leaves off, it’s designed to form the bedrock of your long term survival plan. NHS care can be outstanding but the focus is on cancer eradication rather than health restoration, and that’s an important difference. To reclaim our health and minimise the chance of recurrence we need more than medicine.

This consultation is about the bigger picture, identifying your risk factors, and providing a highly personalised diet, supplement and lifestyle protocol to promote survival and recovery; a 360º assessment of your situation with an experienced practitioner and 25-year breast cancer survivor. This consultation works well at any stage through the diagnosis, treatment and recovery process.

Oestrogen Power Plan

The biggest advances in breast cancer survival during the last twenty-five years have come as a result of adjuvant hormonal therapy: medication that you take on a long-term basis to change your hormonal status. Conventional medicine tends to take a black and white view of the situation: pre-menopause you’re normally given Tamoxifen; post menopause Letrozole (or equivalent); if your cancer is hormone negative you won’t be offered either.

In fact oestrogen is vitally important for all receptor types. This powerful hormone plays a key role both for the tumour and the cancer microenvironment, and oestrogen levels vary greatly between different women with different lifestyles. In fact, given the focus on oestrogen I find it bizarre that we don’t measure oestrogen levels at diagnosis (they do in other countries).

This consultation is designed put you in control of your hormones, zooming in on this area of female health with a nutrigenetic test that looks specifically at your oestrogen genes (rrp £250), a functional test called the DUTCH test (rrp £292), which measures your real-time oestrogen metabolism, and a consultation to personalise your protocol. Understanding your hormonal balance can help you to make more informed choices about your ongoing medication as well as supporting your recovery plan. It works well both as as an advanced level initial meeting or as a follow-on consultation for all breast cancer patients.

TIMING: If you are still menstruating the DUTCH test should be done on day 19 or 20 of your cycle. When scheduling please take this into account and add another 3 weeks for your results to be processed and plan the date accordingly. If you are post-menopausal, or if your period is not currently happening, you can do the test at any time but NOT during chemotherapy. DUTCH test may not be suitable for women taking aromatise inhibitors. Also, please schedule your appointment at least five weeks in the future for the DNA results to come back. So – a minimum of 5 weeks, plus any extra time to accommodate your cycle.

NB Please don’t book this package if you want to do the comprehensive DNA consultation below as the other one represents better value overall and we can add a DUTCH test separately.

Nutrigenomic Power Plan

The best way to build a tailored recovery plan is to investigate the nutrigenomic factors that may have contributed to your diagnosis. This in-depth tour of your DNA provides an insight into your risks and vulnerabilities and allows informed choices to support a full recovery at a level of health that is even better than before.

The level of personalisation built into this consultation is unrivalled. We will look at more than 125 SNPS covering the key breast cancer risks: reproductive and stress hormones, neurotransmitters, detoxification, methylation, DNA repair, pharmacology and key nutrients involved in breast cancer pathways. I will then tailor the report and supplement plan to your genetic results, your personal history, and your diagnosis. The package represents outstanding value: for the same price you would pay if you bought the tests direct (rrp £999) you get a significantly more personalised and detailed explanation based on your diagnosis and the evidence for breast cancer. The cost of this package includes:

  • DNA test and six Lifecode Gx test reports (Nutrient Core, Methylation, Oestrogen Balance, Detoxification, Histamine and Nervous System)
  • Personalised and comprehensive nutrigenomics report explaining how the test results relate to breast cancer (about 40 pages) and specific diet and lifestyle measures to support these areas.
  • A lifelong understanding of key foods and nutrients that you need to prioritise for future health.
  • A personal supplement plan based on the test results and your current situation.

This works well as an advanced level initial consultation or follow-on consultation for all breast cancer patients, especially those who already have a good knowledge of complementary health and nutrition. It can provide the nutrigenetic foundation to feed into existing nutritional protocols and integrated cancer approaches, and help you make more informed choices about treatment. You can do the tests while having treatment but please note that some of the recommendations may not be safe to implement until treatment is over.

TIMING: There is a minimum 4-week lead time before these appointments to allow test data to be received.

Progress Consultation

I aim to provide a comprehensive plan for you to follow in every consultation but inevitably we can’t cover every aspect in a single session, so follow-on support is always available in the form of a Progress Consultation. These are an ideal way to check in with me if your diagnosis or treatment changes, if we have test results to review, or if you just want to increase your understanding and motivation for looking after yourself.