Healthy Choices

“People don’t decide their futures, they decide their habits, and their habits decide their futures.” – F.M. Alexander

I recommend all clients to complete the Three Steps to Health programme before digging deeper into functional or nutrigenomic testing for the simple reason that there’s very little point getting into genetic or biochemical ‘fine-tuning’ if you haven’t created a basic healthy routine for yourself.

After our initial work I offer further support with nutritional therapy, lifestyle coaching and a range of special programmes to address specific issues that clients often struggle with. After reading about the different programmes you can make an appointment on my booking page.

If you’d like to book a free exploratory chat to test the ‘chemistry’ before booking then you can also do that on my booking page.

Introductory Programme: Three Steps to Health – 3 meetings

Recommended for all new clients, the Three Steps to Health plan is designed to set you on a personal journey to recovery. Three meetings of around sixty-minutes to create a personalised diet, supplement and lifestyle plan that is built on the latest evidence and tailored to your past and present risk factors and personal lifestyle challenges. As soon as you have a clear diagnosis, Three Steps to Health can help you get the most out of your treatment and reduce side effects. It’s also a great way to rebuild vital energy, immune and digestive health after treatment. At the end of the process you will have a detailed and easy-to-follow diet, supplement and lifestyle plan to take your forward. The plan works best, in my opinion, if we meet once a month over a 3-month period. But you can time the meetings to work with your life or treatment plan – for instance coinciding with your ‘good week’ between chemotherapy treatments. This service leads naturally into further support options like functional and DNA testing and extended life coaching.

Further Nutrition Support

Nutrigenomic Testing with Nutrition and Lifestyle Review – 1 meeting

Would you like to know what to eat to support optimal gene function -especially in important cancer-related pathways? In recent years, diet personalisation has moved to another level: it’s now possible to analyse gene/diet interactions for some of the body’s most important metabolic reactions. You can explore this area yourself with many online products but getting maximum benefit takes expert interpretation. This package takes the hard work out of it for you. I will spend several hours behind the scenes analysing your genetic polymorphisms and interactions to provide a list of key food, supplement and lifestyle recommendations with the potential to improve your health and longevity. Includes one sessions but not the cost of testing which is variable between £100 and £600 depending on what you choose to explore. Only available after you have completed the introductory Three Steps to Health plan.

Functional Testing with Nutrition and Lifestyle Review – 1 meeting

Functional testing takes a closer look at how you process your food by analysing digestive and metabolic end products in urine, stool and blood. It can help you to understand hormonal imbalances and digestive difficulties, or pinpoint inflammation and oxidative stress. Designed for clients who have completed the initial consultation package and want to gain a deeper understanding of their own biochemical individuality. This appointment includes a complete diet and supplement plan review in the context of breast cancer and in the light of functional test results that we have commissioned together. Available only after initial consultation. Revised personalised diet, supplement and lifestyle plan included. I only offer this option AFTER the initial consultation because I firmly believe that it’s not helpful to dig deeper if basic diet and lifestyle support isn’t in place. Comprehensive personalised meeting report provided

Follow-up Nutrition and Lifestyle Review – 1 meeting

Nutrition review appointments are designed for clients who have completed an initial consultation package and want to check that they are on track with diet and supplements and top up with latest information and new ideas. (Not for reporting functional testing.) Comprehensive personalised meeting report provided.

Follow-up Focus: 30-minute meeting

Highly focussed session to zoom in on your specific nutrition questions. Great for improving motivation and focus, exploring unresolved health issues, discussing further testing, or inspiring shopping and cooking ideas. Only available after initial consultation. Comprehensive personalised meeting report provided.

Further Coaching Support

Single Coaching Appointment – 1 meeting

Coaching appointments are available to support your return to health. You can focus on any topic where you find that your habits are holding you back: diet, exercise, relationships, career, sleep, stress. Coaching support does not include nutritional evaluation or meeting notes.

Coaching Value Pack – 3 meetings

A three-session coaching package designed to support diet and lifestyle change for Three Steps to Health clients. Three meetings of around sixty-minutes designed to provoke and inspire you to identify and implement happy and healthy life changes including detoxing your environment, changing your stress response, sorting out your finances, improving your relationships, nurturing your creativity, and enhancing your enjoyment of daily life.

Special Programmes

Weight Management Programme – 3 meetings

There is a recognised link between cancer and obesity but many weight loss diets promote unhealthy eating patterns that undermine overall health. If you’re one of those people who’s ‘tried everything’ and still can’t lose weight, then this programme was designed for you. I wrote The Dissident Diet in 2012 to address my own lifelong weight problem and to support healthy weight loss for people whose bodies just ‘don’t obey the rules’. This is the coaching package to support the book. Comes with a personalised weight loss diet and supplement plan together with a weight-focussed lifestyle review. I recommend 4-6 weeks between appointments.

Find Your Life Purpose – 2 meetings

For many people, a cancer diagnosis is accompanied by a whole new perspective on life and an increased need for personal fulfilment. Finding my ‘life purpose’ was a deeply motivating, fulfilling (and, I believe, healing) step on my journey to recover; this is a two-session coaching package designed to help you do the same.

Vocation Location – 5 meetings

Vocation Location is a personally designed coaching programme designed to help you identify your vocation and turn it into a way to make a living. The course will inspire you to discover your ‘why?’, find your tribe, revive your drive, create your brand and pull together a simple business plan. It’s a fast and fun journey to a more fulfilling work life that includes lots of juicy support material and interim support.

Professional Mentoring – 3 meetings

A three-session coaching package designed to support fellow nutritional therapists take their practice to the next level – or return to professional practice after a break. Please contact me to arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss your requirements before booking this package.

If you’d like to have a chat first please get in touch over here. 

Location and Timing

My clinic days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You can work with me in person at my home in Kent (TN4 0LS) or we can set up a Virtual Meeting on Skype/Facetime. I cannot work over a non-visual telephone connection.

To find out more about any service or to check availability, please message me below. Sometimes I can be very busy but I’m happy to add you to a waiting list. Thank you.