Support at Every Step

Just like your bra, breast cancer support is not a ‘one size fits all’ proposition – and yet it is most definitely something that everyone needs. Your needs differs with your diagnosis, receptor type, personal circumstances, genes and also at every stage of the journey. After twenty-four years as a breast cancer survivor and eighteen years in clinical practice I have developed Power Through Breast Cancer – a personalised diet and lifestyle support programme that provides something for everyone. For those who just want ‘the basics’ – a diet, supplement and lifestyle programme that cuts through all the confusion and applies to your receptor type and medical treatment – or those who prefer to leave ‘no stone unturned’ in a quest to understand the unique metabolic and genetic factors that may be behind their prospects of survival.

Power Through Breast Cancer

Power Through Breast Cancer is at the idea at the heart of my practice – a comprehensive and personalised diet and lifestyle programme based on your genes, your receptor status and your health history – designed to support recovery and future health.

In our first consultation, which is deliberately designed to be affordable and accessible to as many people as possible, we will cover the fundamentals – highlighting your personal risk factors and tailoring your diet and supplement plan to match. You will receive a comprehensive, personalised and evidence-based programme that covers all aspects of your diet, lifestyle and supplement needs.

I am completely blown away by the all of the information you have given me on your attachments. I was completed captivated by the science you explained to me, I learnt so much from you about my circumstances. Thank you Dawn. I can see how in-depth and meaningful the information is and how relevant it is to me. And, I do so love your style of writing..!

Julie – Bucks

Following on from our initial consultation there are various options available for specific stages of your journey. I have developed a range of add-on modules that can help you to make the most of treatment, make better choices around adjuvant medication, understand your hormonal balance, dig into the genetic factors, discover your life purpose and make a stronger and more complete recovery. My mission is to support you every step of the way, so if there’s a need I haven’t covered please feel free to contact me and we can work it out together. And, of course, you can book a Protocol Review consultation at any time to discuss any change in health or treatment and revise your programme accordingly.

Making the Most of Treatment

The conventional treatment that accompanies a cancer diagnosis is one of the primary reasons that the disease is feared so much. For many people the ‘therapy’ is worse than the disease. Nutritional therapy is a powerful partner to support you through conventional cancer treatment: it can help reduce side effects, support you to withstand more treatment, help to keep you on schedule and speed up recovery when it’s all over. Research suggests that diet can enhance the effect of chemo and radiotherapy on cancer cells while protecting health cells from damage. Carefully chosen supplements have been shown to support gut health and immunity and some may work in synergy with your protocol. Unfortunately, many people don’t find me until their therapy is imminent or under way which means there is a pressing need for support. While I can’t normally provide an urgent turnaround I will try to prioritise requests for support during treatment. Accordingly I am happy to make this session available to new clients. It is vital that you have a firm diagnosis and treatment protocol available to take full advantage of this consultation.

All of your literature – your meal plan, your supplement plan, your website etc, are so beautifully designed and put together.  And they also exude a real warmth and sense of thoughtfulness.  They must have taken a long time to get right, but having worked with quite a few people in the health industry, I can tell you that it makes a HUGE difference.  

Charlotte, London

Hormones for Life

Breast cancer is a hormonally influenced cancer, even for women who are diagnosed as hormone receptor negative. Not only is oestrogen a growth promoter in the breast, it can also act as a carcinogen if not safely detoxified. Medical treatments designed to manage breast cancer risk can amplify risk in other hormonally sensitive tissues, or leave us hormonally depleted dealing with all the issues of menopause decades before our time. Clinical experience has shown me that different women have widely divergent hormonal patterns and that hormone altering drugs don’t always work as expected. Testing your hormone levels and metabolites can give you the confidence to feel safer AND feel healthier after diagnosis. This add-on session includes a Precision Analytical DUTCH COMPLETE test (rrp.£289). which looks beyond the role of oestrogen to look at all of the reproductive hormones (androgens can be influential in TNBC), stress hormones, and a range of other measures that influence breast cancer risk. Hormones for Life is not suitable as a first appointment but provides a great way to monitor your health on a six-monthly or annual basis, including several key markers for breast cancer. The test providers recommend doing the test on days 19-21 of your cycle (any time for non-menstruating clients), results then take around 4 weeks to arrive once you send the sample, so please bear this in mind when booking your appointment.

Getting into your Genes

Personalised medicine is at the heart of integrated cancer care, and understanding your genetic risk factors is a powerful way to understand past health issues and support future recovery. I have worked with Emma Beswick at Lifecode Gx to identify a set of SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) that cover key breast cancer risks factors — methylation, oestrogen production and metabolism, detoxification, antioxidant status, inflammation, DNA repair and protection, and stress response. Your genetic results are considered from a functional medicine perspective, looking at your health history, your breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, and your personal circumstances to highlight areas where you may benefit from diet and lifestyle support. Following our meeting you will receive a comprehensive report (more like a small book, written just for you!) explaining exactly how to support each of the areas above and highlighting the specific foods and nutrients that will help your genes to function better throughout the diagnosis, treatment and recovery process. The report can be used alongside other integrated cancer approaches to support treatment and recovery. There is an opportunity to add additional functional testing to this programme to confirm the nutrigenetic protocol, something we can discuss in our initial consultation. I recommend this as a starting point to all newly diagnosed patients, and especially to those who are feel that their diagnosis has come ‘out of the blue’.

My goodness, that report is incredible!  Thank you so much for all your efforts.  I will print it off and slowly begin to digest it. 

Janey, Bristol

Bounce Back Better

Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is a stressful time for your mind and body. At the end of the process our brains are fuddled, our DNA fried, our mitochondria frazzled and our bodies fatigued. It’s ironic that the conventional method of treating cancer tips you off the end of the conveyor belt in a worse state of overall health than when you started. Based on a thorough understanding of cancer and the way treatments work, drawing on experience of working with hundreds of women, and leveraging the science around anti-ageing and longevity, this session is designed to pick you up after treatment and support you back to better health than before. Looking at every aspect of your health from your DNA stability, energy production, cellular communication, systems balance and mental recovery, the aim is to have you firing on all cylinders again as soon as possible. Designed for when all treatment is finished and you are trying to design your ‘new normal’, this is an invaluable support for survivors. The process teams well with Getting into Your Genes and Hormones for Life which, together, make an ideal package to put you back in charge of your health.

Living on Purpose

Core to my own recovery from breast cancer was renewed sense of meaning and purpose in life; finding the courage to tear up the old routine and find something that suited my physical and psychological configuration, and didn’t leave me bored and exhausted. I still believe this was a pivotal factor in my survival. Inspiring survivor stories often centre around a fierce determination to find the right answers rather than any single treatment modality. That’s why, in 2009, I decided to add life coaching skills to my practice – to help people who are wanting to find new purpose and direction after diagnosis. I noticed that, for many people, a cancer diagnosis was profoundly disempowering, as though the prognosis itself was draining the life out of them. And I wanted to help people fight against that ‘nocebo’ effect. If diagnosis has kindled a spark of curiosity for a better life, I’d love to help you explore that as part of the healing journey.

Protocol Review

For EXISTING CLIENTS to support progress after an initial consultation: review progress, check in when treatment changes, refine dietary needs, revise supplement plans, and renew inspiration.