Practice makes perfect

I believe that people are most successful when they do what they love, which means complementary therapists are already half way there. Working in that sweet spot where your talents, passions and motivations overlap has got to make sense.

But it’s not easy making a living as a natural therapist. It’s widely believed that if you’ve got a heart for healing you may not have a head for business. I don’t agree. We need to use all our skills to be good complementary practitioners and there is no need to feel that the two sides are mutually exclusive.

My career has been a mix of both. In what I now call my first career (pre-cancer) I gained a degree in business from UMIST, worked for a while in marketing and advertising, and became a partner in a financial services management consultancy. After cancer I left that high-octane world behind and re-trained as a nutritional therapist, gaining a distinction from ION and going on to become a tutor and lecturer for the college for five years before pursuing a rewarding full-time practice.

Many of my past students have sought me out for help in developing their own practice. Some of them use my clinical experience to discuss and prepare for complex cases, while others pick my brains for business development ideas. I’ve included a testimonial here from Robyn Puglia, now a highly successful functional medicine practitioner, which gives a great feel for the various ways I can help you as a coach and mentor:

“Dawn was one of my favourite lecturers and tutors when I was in college. As well as being extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, her teaching style was really encouraging and dynamic. After a few years of practicing and while making some big changes at work, I knew that I needed a mentor to help me move forward. I immediately thought of Dawn. Working with Dawn has helped me on a multitude of levels.
– She has helped me to really understand what I want from my practice, to understand who my target audience is, and, following on from that, to refine my message and my voice.
– This in turn has really transformed the clients I attract, and the flow of my work. It’s also made prioritising where to spend energy in my business much easier and I’m not wasting time working on projects that I feel like I ‘should be doing’, instead of those that are the most beneficial to me or fun for me.
– Dawn’s style of working is really practical and applicable and at the same time hugely creative, fresh and fun and I always finished our sessions motivated and inspired to do my homework and implement the things she had taught me.
– Dawn also let me draw on her years of business experience, to prepare for and navigate some really tough work meetings, and I wouldn’t have had the positive outcome I did without her support and mentorship in a series of stressful situations.
– Be it with a tricky client, as I’m working on my website, mapping out the next three months or writing a blog post I think I use something that Dawn has taught me or hear her voice in my head at least once every day.
I have already recommended Dawn to other friends and colleagues around me, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to you too.”

I love this side of my work, as it provides an extra outlet for my creativity and humour. My clients love it too. Work should be fun! Many come back for top up sessions year after year. And, because I know it’s tough out there, my rate for business coaching is the same as it is for individuals. If you’d like to take this further please get in touch below:

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