Practice makes perfect

Congratulations on qualifying to join one of the most exciting and fastest growing professions in the world! Being a nutritional therapist is a rewarding and demanding vocation, and enjoying success – especially if you are an independent practitioner – means learning how to wear a lot of hats.

Running a rewarding nutritional therapy practice means you will have to work hard but it will be much easier if you also work smart. I’ve learned from my own career and from watching the world around me that people are most successful when they do what they love, which means complementary therapists are already half way there. Working in that sweet spot where your talents, passions and motivations overlap is much more likely to lead to fulfilment.

With twenty-five years of self-employment behind me, twenty years as a company director, business experience in financial, food and manufacturing sectors, five years as a tutor and lecturer for ION, and fifteen years of clinical practice, my idiosyncratic career path makes me an ideal mentor to help you move your practice to the the next level. A fistful of certificates, including a BSc in Management Sciences, a Nutritional Therapy diploma from ION, a postgraduate certificate in Personalised Nutrition from CNELM, and an accredited life coaching qualification means I know my way round the academic world too.

I work best with clients who are looking for a deep sense of fulfilment in their work. With that as a guiding principle, everything else slots more easily into place. The programme is unstructured so that we can look at the areas that are of most concern to you: education, clinical work and client information, marketing and pricing, networking and social media. The initial package costs £750 and consists of three hours of coaching support (which can be used in half hour chunks) and the opportunity to review three client cases with me in detail over a 6 month period.

I have been delighted to see that nearly everyone I have mentored has gone on to make a great success of their career. That’s partly because an investment in mentoring is a sign of commitment to yourself and your work, but also because I feel I am very good at helping clients to see their strengths and opportunities, their areas for development and potential blind spots, providing a clarity and direction that is often lacking when we try to work things out for ourselves.

I’ve included a testimonial here from Robyn Puglia, now a highly successful functional medicine practitioner, which gives a great feel for the various ways I can help you as a coach and mentor:

“Dawn was one of my favourite lecturers and tutors when I was in college. As well as being extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, her teaching style was really encouraging and dynamic. After a few years of practicing and while making some big changes at work, I knew that I needed a mentor to help me move forward. I immediately thought of Dawn. Working with Dawn has helped me on a multitude of levels.
– She has helped me to really understand what I want from my practice, to understand who my target audience is, and, following on from that, to refine my message and my voice.
– This in turn has really transformed the clients I attract, and the flow of my work. It’s also made prioritising where to spend energy in my business much easier and I’m not wasting time working on projects that I feel like I ‘should be doing’, instead of those that are the most beneficial to me or fun for me.
– Dawn’s style of working is really practical and applicable and at the same time hugely creative, fresh and fun and I always finished our sessions motivated and inspired to do my homework and implement the things she had taught me.
– Dawn also let me draw on her years of business experience, to prepare for and navigate some really tough work meetings, and I wouldn’t have had the positive outcome I did without her support and mentorship in a series of stressful situations.
– Be it with a tricky client, as I’m working on my website, mapping out the next three months or writing a blog post I think I use something that Dawn has taught me or hear her voice in my head at least once every day.
I have already recommended Dawn to other friends and colleagues around me, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to you too.”

Good interpersonal chemistry is the basis of any effective mentoring relationship so let’s connect before making a longer term commitment. Please book a free exploratory chat so that we can discuss your objectives and take a few minutes to get to know each other.


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