Learning to live well

When I was diagnosed in 1997 I was profoundly ignorant about cancer. It has taken me twenty two years of intensive study to amass my knowledge but there’s still lots to learn. I believe we are instinctively drawn to the information and remedies we need; below I have shared some of the sites that I have found helpful sources of support, inspiration and information over the years.

One key thing I have learned (and have to keep re-learning) is that it’s not all about information and education. You could lock yourself in a dark room for decades and still not know everything you need to know. Cancer is a lifestyle disease and survival is more about taking care of yourself and making the most of life than it is about understanding every nutrient, every toxin and every pathway.

Most of us need to learn how to look after ourselves better before we learn anything else!

Cancer Action

Care Oncology Clinic



Health Insight

Jane McLelland

Maggie’s Centres

Penny Brohn Centre

Radical Remission



Yes to Life