What you need to know


I offer a maximum of 8 clinic hours each week – which means that it can sometimes be a month or so before the first appointment is available. Exploratory chats are normally easier to book as I reserve three slots a week for this discounted service. While I am happy to work with you at any stage of your cancer journey I am not able to provide urgent or acute care.

When I’m not working with clients I spend my working day finding and reading the latest research on breast cancer, writing notes and handouts for clients, training (both providing and attending training courses). I am a passionate believer in maintaining my own work/life balance – which includes gardening and cooking!

Work with me

Book an exploratory session: https://meetme.so/dawnwaldron

See my recipes: https://dinnerwithdawn.com

Your privacy: https://dawnwaldron.com/privacy/

Contact me

Clinic number: 01892 710210.

Skype address: dawnewaldron.

Postal address: 16 Modest Corner, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 0LS

Before we meet

Don’t forget to send your QUESTIONNAIRE back to me THE WEEK BEFORE OUR APPOINTMENT so I can prepare. High resolution photos or scans are equally acceptable and can be sent by email to dawnwaldron@mac.com. If you send it by post, please keep a copy.

If we are meeting over SKYPE or FACETIME please make sure you have downloaded the software in advance and know how to use the programme. My Skype address is dawnewaldron, FaceTime number is available on request. Please make sure you are within range of a good quality broadband connection and in a location where you will not be disturbed. If you would like to receive a video recording of our session please ask me about Zoom. At the agreed time I will be waiting for YOU to call ME.

If you are coming to my home, the address is 16 Modest Corner, Southborough, TN4 0LS. Please check out the directions in advance as there is no mobile signal near the house. Please park anywhere you can find a space once you turn into Modest Corner: my house is down the hill on the right at the bottom of the tarmac road.

During the Meeting

Meetings can be virtual or face to face – both work well. My consultation style is a mix of advice (where I tell you what is important and give you the information you need) and coaching (where you tell me what’s important and I help you work out how to do it). We will cover a wide range of issues in 60 minutes and most clients find it helpful to take notes, so please bring a notebook with you to jot down anything you need to remember. You are welcome to record the session if that works for you and if we do an online meeting I may be able to send you a recorded link (if the technology cooperates).

After the session I will email you with key action points, nutrition notes and supplement details plus information about any other resources you may need.

Changing Meeting Times

You can cancel and reschedule using the links in your booking email. Appointments can be rescheduled at any time and cancelled up to the 11th hour for a full refund. Cancellations with less that 12 hours’ notice before your appointment are refunded 50%.

There is a lot of pressure on my clinic time so if you think you need to change your meeting please do it as soon as possible so that I can offer your appointment to someone else.

Getting here

For some reason navigation devices don’t seem to like Modest Corner so I advise you to check the directions before you set out. Once you get near to the house you will lose mobile signal so make sure you check the directions before then.

On arrival at Modest Corner parking is a ‘free for all’. You can park where you see a space (except on people’s driveways!) and wander down to number 16 which is at the bottom of the little lane.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.39.10.jpg

Ordering Supplements

I have a practitioner account with The Natural Dispensary who will offer you a 10% discount on supplement purchases and free postage for orders over £25. Prices do not always beat Amazon but at least you can be sure you’re getting what it says on the bottle.

The first time you order from them you will need to call them on 01453 757792 to place your order or register for an online account. After that you can order online. You will receive the discount only if you quote my name and the password: DWNC10.

Please note that I get a small commission on these sales so we both benefit from this arrangement.

Ordering Tests

I may recommend functional or nutrigenetic testing so that we can understand your individual biochemistry in more detail but they are never obligatory. We can look at oestrogen patterns, detoxification capacity, antioxidant status, circadian rhythm, digestive capacity, microbial population and overall nutrient status from both a genetic and metabolic angle. Typical tests I use are:

Lifecode GX nutrigenetic testing

Regenerus DUTCH test

Invivo GI Map

Making Payment

Your payment is due before the session so if you didn’t book online via my http://www.meetme.so/dawnwaldron page, you will need to pay another way.


Name: D E Waldron

Sort code: 40-47-76

Account number: 80525898

Foreign transfers:

Bank name: First Direct (HSBC)
IBAN code: GB58MIDL40477680525898
BIC code: MIDLGB2167U

Swift code: MIDLGB22XXX


Send a cheque payable to D E Waldron to 16 Modest Corner, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 0LS

or PayPal to dawnwaldron@mac.com.


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