Begin it now…

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.” William Hutchison Murray

The idea of Power Through Breast Cancer is to empower you not only with the right food and nutrients but also with the biological and self knowledge that you need to feel empowered by your cancer experience so that you emerge healthier and happier than ever.


Many clients begin their work with me by booking a POWER CHAT. It’s a good way to test the interpersonal chemistry and check that the way I work is suitable for your diagnosis and stage of cancer. Although, as a nutritional therapist, I’m not permitted to advise you about your treatment, we can discuss the different options available to you and how complementary methods can work alongside them. I’m well-connected within the world of integrated oncology so I may be able to point you in the direction of other therapies that are suitable for you.


If you decide to proceed then I recommend booking the INITIAL NUTRITION session which focusses on the fundamental power of food and supplements to support treatment and promote healing, taking into account your diagnosis, receptor status and current stage through the cancer process. The consultation will provide you with a powerful ‘anti-cancer’ diet and supplement plan.

In this meeting we will also discuss options for further personalisation including hormonal, nutrigenomic and gut/microbiome testing – to help you make choices about treatment and medication, to identify personal risk factors, and to understand your individual nutrition and lifestyle requirements moving forward. We may also discuss the practical, emotional and psychological aspects of survivorship so that you are better able to support yourself while juggling the demands of your life and loved ones.

Some clients find that this initial meeting is all they need (there’s a lot of information!) but many pursue a deeper level of personalisation based on functional or genetic testing.


For clients who want to dig deeper, NUCLEAR NUTRITION offers the opportunity to match your diet to your genes using the emerging science of nutrigenomics. The DNA inside the nucleus of every cell in our body is a fixed blueprint for the way we function, it takes instructions from our diet, lifestyle and environment to adapt to the prevailing conditions. Moreover, tiny genetic differences (called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, or SNPs) influence personal nutrient requirements and predict health vulnerabilities. The insights provided by nutrigenomic analysis can inform treatment decisions, improve treatment outcomes and support better health and recovery.

Unlike ‘off the peg’ DNA testing that can easily be bought online, this consultation takes the results of your DNA testing and adds an unrivalled level of analysis, allowing a more targeted approach. The consultation and report is based on more than 150 clinically relevant genetic SNPS. I will provide a clear and concise summary of how your results relate to your breast cancer diagnosis, highlighting how you can use the information to support future health – identifying key foods, nutrients and lifestyle factors that are important for you.

This is an intensely informative session – there is a lot to cover, and you are welcome to record it so you can listen again. If you also want me to review your diet in the context of another protocol, eg repurposed drugs, or review a huge supplement programme, then please consider booking a Progress Session in addition to this.


While genetic testing can give us important information about the way your body is likely to work, functional testing can give us real-time information about what’s going on. Many clients choose to combine hormonal or gut testing with the nutrigenomic tests outlined above – that can easily be arranged – or they may go on to arrange further testing and book a PROGRESS MEETING to review the results. The choice is yours.

The test I most commonly commission is the Precision Labs DUTCH test that measures all the important sex hormones, and their metabolites, as well as other important health indicators such as cortisol, melatonin, DNA damage indicators, neurotransmitter metabolites and important nutrients. It really is the perfect breast cancer test panel.

Also of interest is the digestive tract: it’s impossible to overestimate the vital role of digestive function and a dense and diverse microbiome. If you have had a lifetime of digestive problems, or a few months of chemotherapy, a stool test can give us vital clues for repairing the damage.

Not all tests are suitable or relevant for all diagnoses, so it’s best to chat things through before you spend your money.


Your nutritional needs will change during your cancer journey and I am here to support you at each step of the way or change in direction. I have a wealth of knowledge and a wide network of colleagues who are capable of meeting a wide variety of needs. Feel free to book a PROTOCOL REVIEW or a PROGRESS MEETING at any time via my Calendly page below.