More to Explore

If you cannot attend one of my workshops and feel that my clinical option is not for you, what else can you explore? The resources below are at the leading edge of nutritional science, medical research and cancer care:


The Care Oncology Clinic

Natural Health Clinic 

Penny Brohn UK

Chemothermia Oncology Center

Arcadia Klinik

Hufeland Klinik

Books about Cancer

Radical Remission

How to Starve Cancer

The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer


Radical Remission

Cancer Options

Cancer Active

Yes to Life


Dr Carole Granger

Dr Etienne Callebout

Cancer Support

Maggie’s Centres

Breast Cancer Haven



Trew Fields Festival

Peripheral Perspectives

Health Insight

Zoe Harcombe

Psychological Perspectives

Becoming Supernatural

The Space Within

A Glorious Freedom

Helpful Memoirs

The Cancer Whisperer

F**k You Cancer

The Story of My Tits