Empower Your Practice

“The more I learn, the more I realise how much I don’t know” Albert Einstein.

It took me twelve years of clinical practice to find the courage to call myself a cancer specialist. Even now, I do so with a keen awareness that there is more learning in front of me than behind me. But then I ask myself, if not me, who else will help people restore their health and optimism after a cancer diagnosis?

Maybe the answer is you?

If you have a mission to support cancer patients but you haven’t quite found the courage to step up, then I’d like to help you on your journey.

I toyed with the idea of setting up a training course for multiple practitioners but that would get in the way of running my clinic so – for now at least – I’m going to work with practitioners one at a time to share the way I support clients after a cancer diagnosis.

Our work will be based around the functional medicine model, based on my extensive reading, research and clinical experience, and focussed on the key factors that I have found to be uniquely important to allow survivors to regain their health.

If you are keen to move your practice to another level then please book a free exploratory chat at http://www.meetme.so/dawnwaldronfreeexploratorychat to see if we will work well together in terms of our approach to practice and our personalities. I would politely ask you to respect my time and book an appointment only if you feel you are in the right place to proceed if our conversation goes well.

Otherwise, if you have some more general questions, please get in touch below.