Two can…

A diagnosis of cancer normally comes as a profound shock – frequently followed by a sense of mystery: why? how? when? what next? why me?

Finding your way through the maze of questions and options and treatments is hard going for a first-timer. Apart from all the answers you want to know, there’ll be lots of questions you want to ask – and asking the right questions is an important part of your future.

The voice of experience

I’ve been guiding people through the breast cancer maze for thirteen years. From the moment you are diagnosed you face a menu of choices, all of them important. Having an experienced ally can be an immense source of comfort.

My primary area of expertise is supporting your health with personalised nutrition. In my opinion, getting your diet right is the key to having the energy, stamina and mental clarity to get you through the ordeal. It can also help to create the right conditions for your body to return to health.

But I can help with other areas too, like knowing what questions to ask to get the best from your medical team, pointing you in the direction of other options that support wellbeing and recovery, helping you deal with the anxiety and stress of it all, and supporting you to manage the impact on your relationships and career.

Keeping you focussed

Keeping your show on the road through the weeks and months of diagnosis, treatment and recovery will take everything you’ve got. You’ll find it a lot easier if you have an expert guide to help you stay on track and support you when things get challenging.

During our first two-hour meeting (on Skype or at my home) we’ll discuss your goals and make a plan. We’ll agree a rough timetable and plot future meetings to help you feel supported and inspired when the pressures of life crowd in again. Between appointments I’ll be happy to answer your emails and point you in the direction of resources that may be of benefit.

The power of two

My approach is ideally suited for  people who really want to change their health but find the prospect overwhelming for any number of reasons. Perhaps you find it difficult to make time for yourself, maybe treatment is making you tired and sapping motivation, could be you need someone outside your inner circle to cheer you on? There are lots of ways that nutrition and coaching can help to restore energy on a physical and emotional level and make the journey back to health easier to cope with.

Finding your life force

Serious health problems are always a shock – but they can also be treated as a wake-up providing the motivation you need to grab hold of your life with both hands and make it matter. In the run up to a difficult diagnosis, lots of people don’t realise how depleted they had become: it’s possible you haven’t felt really well for years. Getting your nutrition right is a great way to get you firing on all cylinders again, and coaching can help you decide what to do with all that energy!

Taking your time

It takes around six weeks for your body to respond to diet and lifestyle changes but most people find it takes three to six months for changes to become habits. Few of us have the luxury of being able to focus on ourselves for that length of time, and most of us need extra support to persevere when the pressure of ‘normal’ life threatens to take over.

Making it personal

It is a genuinely personal service – which means I limit the number of clients I accept – and it’s right for you if you are in a good place to make your health a priority, and give it all you’ve got. Unlike other complementary health options, nutrition definitely comes with homework if you want to see results.

If this is what you need please scroll to the bottom of the page and get in touch to chat things through and check availability before booking an appointment. If all the spaces are full when you contact me, I’ll be happy to put you on the waiting list.

How it works

You’re probably not surprised that it takes time to restore health; it also takes time for health to break down in the first place. Normally, disease is the result of a whole series of events that impact the body until it reaches a tipping point and something goes noticeably wrong. You go to the doctor, who tells you what’s wrong and gives you something to treat the symptoms. That’s the conventional medicine approach.

Getting to the root of it

The functional medicine approach, favoured by many complementary healthcare practitioners and an increasing number of medical doctors, aims to trace your current problems right back to their roots. When we understand how they started we can support your body systems to work together in harmony again.

Understanding the issues

We’ll start with a comprehensive review of your health, diet and lifestyle before we focus in on the areas that are of particular concern. We’ll look back over your life history, identifying the patterns and events that have led to your current state of health. We’ll also look at the challenges and limitations in your current situation.

Working this way helps us both reach a better understanding of what’s going on and, more importantly, what to do about it. It’s a holistic approach that aims to restore your body’s natural balance: learning how to work with your body rather than against it.

Here’s how it works:


  • The basic package consists of two meetings (3 hours total) and a clear and simple personalised report with my findings, recommendations, meal and supplement plan.
  • I’ll send you a health and lifestyle questionnaire to complete and send back to me at least 48 hours before our first 2-hour meeting.
  • In that meeting we’ll plan a way forward including any extra information we may need to increase understanding (functional or genetic tests, or GP results) and agree a time for the next meeting.
  • Then I’ll get to work preparing a detailed and personalised lifestyle and supplement plan for you using the information gathered in our meeting. This may take from 48 hours to 6 weeks to prepare depending on any test results.
  • Please note that while test interpretation is part of the service, the cost of any tests is in addition to the consultation fee.
  • When it’s ready we’ll have a further one-hour meeting to outline and explain my findings and discuss diet and lifestyle modifications. This meeting will be firmly focussed on the practical application of my advice, working together to make a plan that feels entirely ‘do-able’ and fits in with your life, coaching through any areas that feel more challenging.
  • In addition to the nutritional therapy plan, coaching support is available at all times leading up to, during and after preparation of your diet plan to help you deal with any challenges around your diet and lifestyle.


After your first two appointments, follow up nutritional support, coaching and mentoring are available on an ad hoc basis. You can book 30, 60 or 90 minute slots over here.


  • My clinic hours are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 11.00am to 4.00pm.
  • Email – dawnwaldron[at]mac[dot]com – is the best way to reach me.
  • Meetings take place via Skype/FaceTime or at my home, in Kent.
  • I sometimes have a short waiting list but will fit you in as soon as possible.


Please contact me below to check availability and tell me a little bit about your situation. Or if you’d like to do things differently, let me know. I’ll be back in touch as soon as I can to make a date.