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This page contains important information about our appointment.

Thank you for making an appointment to see me. I have an unshakeable belief that the decision to take responsibility for your own health, and not to devolve it entirely to the medical profession, is a crucial step towards recovery. Bernie Siegel, the much loved and celebrated New York oncologist, thought so too.

No matter how wonderful our medical team there is always more we can do by taking care of ourselves: tuning in to our instincts and feelings about our bodies, paying attention to what, how and when we eat, and giving ourselves permission to enjoy our lives. (It’s worth reflecting on the meaning of that word – enjoyment – it literally means bringing joy into our lives and it’s such an important way to send healing signals to your body.)

If you have booked an exploratory chat there is no need to read on, but if you have made your first appointment…

…here’s what happens next

Before we meet I need some more information about you so I can analyse your case history and make sure I am up to speed with your treatment plan. Please see below to download the questionnaire corresponding with your appointment type.

Please email it back to me the week before we are due to meet. You can send high resolution scans or photos as jpeg or PDF files to

Or you can post to 16 Modest Corner, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 0LS – but please keep a copy and please, please don’t send it via a mail service that requires a signature.

If you need to get in touch with me before we meet it’s easiest to send an email to as I check these several times a day, and I can’t answer the phone when I’m with a patient.

If you need to cancel or reschedule there is a link in your confirming email which allows you to do this.

Test Ordering

If we have agreed to carry out functional or genetic tests I will have the test kits sent to your home address. Please look out for these and if they don’t arrive let me know a.s.a.p. or else our appointment may have to be delayed.

If you have ordered nutrigenetic testing then you will receive a cheek swab kit from Lifecode Gx. If you have ordered a DUTCH test you will receive a urine test kit from Regenerus Labs. Information about how to complete the DUTCH test, especially how to time it in relation to your menstrual cycle, can be found on the Precision Analytical website. Basically, if you are pre-menopausal and still menstruating regularly you take the test on days 19 to 22 of your cycle, if you are menopausal you can do the test on any day. If your periods are irregular please see the guidance on the website. If you are currently trying to maximise your hydration then please don’t overdo the fluids on your test days or you may find the results are too dilute. Apart from stopping the foods and supplements mentioned on the test instructions just eat your normal diet so that we can see what’s happening for you on a normal day.

I really look forward to working with you and helping you regain your health. Please download the appropriate form below:

First appointment

If this is your first appointment with me, no matter what plan you have booked on, please download the questionnaire here and send it back the week before our meeting.

Follow-up appointments

For all subsequent appointments please download the questionnaire here and send it back the week before our meeting.

Making the Most of Treatment

If you have booked a Making the Most of Treatment consultation please download the questionnaire below and send it back to me asap.

Coaching and mentoring

There is no questionnaire for these sessions.