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How would you like to be able to check in with a friendly breast cancer expert once a week and ask all the questions that occur to you in the middle of the night?

Well, now you can, by Zooming in to Stay Abreast! – a weekly chat session packed with essential nutrition and lifestyle information about breast cancer. Based on what’s happening for the group, we cover a different subject every week so that you can really add to your knowledge and confidence of how to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle after a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Meetings happen on Thursday lunch times from 12.30 to 1.30 pm. You don’t have to come every week, you can come and go when it suits you. The service is intended as an additional level of support for my clinic patients and workshop attendees but even if you haven’t worked with me before you are welcome to come along and join us. Numbers tend to fluctuate each week and I keep the group size to 12 or less so if you don’t get in one week, please come back and try again.

You never know who you’ll meet online: sometimes it’ll be just you and me (a private consultation!) and sometimes you’ll meet fellow travellers of all ages and backgrounds with one important thing in common – a desire to do everything they can to leave breast cancer behind.

We’ll all learn together as I share the latest research and thinking: sometimes going back to basics, sometimes looking at an area that is more complex or specialist like different receptor types, or nutrigenetic polymorphisms!

The meeting link will be posted on my Power Through Breast Cancer Facebook Page every Thursday morning so make sure you go there now and ‘like’ the page and check in every week for updates. I will try to include the subject every week and this is also where I will let you know if there is no meeting, for example if I’m on holiday!

To join the meeting first download the Zoom app onto your desktop, tablet of phone, make sure you’re close to a good internet connection. Then grab a cuppa, find a quiet spot so we won’t be disturbed, and settle in for an hour of empowering information in good company.

If you have specific questions you can email me in advance and I’ll try to address them each week – or slot them into a future session – but please be aware that I can’t give personal advice in these sessions.

The sessions will never be recorded so it’s a case of show up or miss out!

So why not come and join me every week* for a lively and uplifting chat, designed to help you join the ‘long tail’ of breast cancer thrivers and survivors! It’s the ideal environment to learn how to be happier and healthier after diagnosis alongside positively-motivated like-minded women who are looking to ‘pimp their prognosis’!

If you prefer to book a personalised appointment tailored precisely to your health and diagnosis you can do so below:

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  1. Ali Morpeth says:

    Hi Dawn. Love to join Thurs lunchtime seminar if you could send me a link? Thank you, Ali