Finding A Deeper Connection

After twenty years of clinical practice as a nutritional therapist, I’m continually reminded that healing is not all about broccoli! No matter how much we would like to rely on randomised controlled trials, and base our advice on things that are irrefutably proven, there are elements of healing that are beyond our ken, and way beyond our ability to experiment with. Not everything that can be measured matters, and not everything that matters can be measured.

So I am delighted to see that Yes to Life’s Autumn Conference is going boldly into the no man’s land of spiritual and emotional connection. The aim is to explore this essential, often forgotten, element of healing. It’s an idea that crops up repeatedly in the testimonies of extraordinary survivors, and one of the key factors in ‘Radical Remission’. It cannot be overestimated.

My own spiritual journey has been an important part of my wellbeing. I’ve always been drawn to the more inexplicable and mystical aspects of life, and found great peace in contemplating the spiritual universe and my tiny, insignificant role in it. With the joy of growing older, I’ve found that my former certainty about spiritual ideas has broadened and deepened and, along with my eyesight, the definition has become a bit more fuzzy! These days I would describe my connection to spirit as an awareness rather than a religion. I’ve always loved the writings of Antony de Mello, and the poetry of Rumi; Daniel James Ladinsky’s compilation, Love Poems from God, has been a wonderful comfort at times, and I have benefited hugely from the wisdom of Pema Chodron.

So please come along to the conference to explore this deeper and wider aspect of healing, and while you’re there, come and find me for a chat. I’ll be attending the show on Saturday, 24th September, helping Emma Beswick on the Lifecode Gx stand.

Let’s connect!

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Dawn Waldron

Highly experienced nutritional and nutrigenomic therapist helping people optimise diet, lifestyle and gene expression for health and happiness after breast cancer.