Would you like to be healthier every day?

As you know, I’ve been wrestling with the problem of how to give individualised nutrition advice on a blog platform. The two are, in some ways, mutually exclusive.

But that’s not the only challenge that stands between me and my readers. I know from the feedback you send me, and from the clients I work with, that most people are highly knowledgeable about food and health – they simply struggle to implement what they know in the midst of all the other pressures in their lives.

I completely understand. Although I’m immersed in the subject I frequently fail to keep up with my own advice, especially when other pressures crowd in.

Sometimes modern life is the antithesis of health, it seems to pull us in the opposite direction of our wellbeing goals, leaving us tired, stressed, malnourished and gasping for a drink! It’s easy for the negative health aspects of daily life to outweigh the positives.

With that in mind, today I’m launching a daily blog filled with bite-sized chunks of nutritional encouragement. If you’ve enjoyed this one, I think you’ll find the new one even more pertinent. I do hope you’ll sign up.

PS I’m going to keep this blog going so that I can publish in-depth articles from time to time on the subjects that are capturing my interest, so my new blog, Eatiology, will be completely separate and you can find it over here – or on my Facebook page.



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