Exploring Cancer Alternatives

No one has all the answers to cancer treatment, and the more we understand about the disease, the more we realise that everyone’s condition is different. It makes sense, therefore, that everyone’s route to recovery will involve different elements.

While, personally, I feel that coaching and nutritional therapy are the best ways to create the biochemical shift that supports a return to health, I also understand that it’s important to find a route that feels right to you. When diagnosis happens late in the process, maybe when surgery is no longer possible, you may need to find additional ways of destroying cells as well as focussing on the right nutrition and lifestyle.

I include the names of other books and websites about cancer below not as a recommendation but as a starting point for your search. Some of them are way out there: wacky and wonderful. But let’s face it, Marie Curie had to endure a lot of ridicule along the way to her breakthrough. Don’t close your mind and don’t be dissuaded from trying to save your own life by people who don’t understand your situation.

What I would say is that solutions that focus on genetic and DNA manipulation are, in my opinion, past their sell-by date. I believe the effective solutions for the future will work on metabolic pathways rather than genetic, altering the biochemical balance in the body so that healthy cells get what they need while cancer cells cannot. It is increasingly clear that the genetic damage associated with cancer is a downstream effect of mitochondrial malfunction rather than the cause of the problem, so targeting genes is unlikely to lead to a cure. That being the case nutritional and hormonal treatments offer more hope, along with ideas that can kill cancer cells outright without damaging healthy cells. In a similar vein, practitioners who recommend high levels of fruits and starchy plant foods are likely to be stuck in that old paradigm of immune boosting/antioxidant/DNA protecting thinking which is the perfect way to feed your cancer cells too, so I recommend steering clear of these dietary approaches.

As an individual I haven’t got the resources to research or verify all of these different areas, some of them may be sheer quackery, but that’s for you to decide. If you choose to use them make sure for yourself that you research your options, ask for evidence and seek second opinions before putting your health in their hands. Do not be afraid to trust your intuition (in a positive or negative way). By all means come back to me for some coaching on how to do that.


Radical Remission, Kelly A. Turner PhD (HarperOne)

Mum’s Not Having Chemo, Laura Bond (Piatkus)

Knockout: Interviews with Doctors… Suzanne Somers (Harmony)

Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients, Russell Blaylock (Kensington)

The Iodine Crisis, Lynne Farrow (Devon Press)

Take Control of Your Cancer, James Forsythe, (BenBella Books)

Living Proof: A Medical Mutiny, Michael Gearin-Tosh

The Cancer Survivor’s Bible, Chamberlain (Long Island Press)

Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, Seyfried (Wiley)

Tripping over the Truth, Travis Christofferson (CreateSpace Independent Publishing)

Love Medicine & Miracles, Dr. Bernie Siegel

Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone, Abram Hoffer, (Basic Health)

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body, David R. Hamilton PhD (Hay House)

The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton, (Hay House)


National Cancer Institute

Cancer Active

Cancer Tutor

EuroMed Foundation

Oasis of Hope

Radical Remission

Chris Beat Cancer

Dr Gonzalez

Healing Cancer Naturally

Earth Clinic

Other ideas TO EXPLORE

The Greek Test – blood test for tumour sensitivity drugs and nutrients

American Metabolic Laboratories test – screens for cancer metabolites, early stage detection.

Oncoblot – testing for early stages of cancer

Insulin potentiation therapy (IPT)

Low dose chemotherapy


Turmeric (Curcumin)

Cannabis Oil

Nano silver


Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

LifeWave Glutathione patches

Proteolytic enzymes (John Beard/Nicholas Gonzalez)

Intravenous Ozone

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Intravenous Vitamin C


Epigenetics (Biology of Belief)




One thought on “Exploring Cancer Alternatives

  1. vickyunwin says:

    Thank you Dawn for another informative posting….although sometimes all this reading is rather hard work! I am back to yoga and meditation myself…as well as my dairy free and healthy eastern-based diet. In Japan right now, and fed up with raw fish which I find rather too much after a couple of days!

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