Who’s propping you up?

Who and what are you supporting?

What kind of support do you need?

Are you comfortable with the balance?


  1.  helpbackchampionsecondaidforwardencouragedefendpromotetake (someone’s) partstrengthenassistadvocateupholdside withgo along withstand up forespousestand behindhold (someone’s) handstick up for (informal), succourbuoy upboost (someone’s) moraletake up the cudgels forbe a source of strength to
    • He supported the hardworking people.
    opposites: opposeunderminehinderrejectgo againstwalk away fromhold out againststab in the backturn your back on
  2. provide formaintainlook afterkeepfundfinancesustainfostertake care ofsubsidize
    • I have children to support, and a home to be maintained.
    opposites: live offsponge off
  3. bear outconfirmverifysubstantiatecorroboratedocumentendorseattest toauthenticatelend credence to • The evidence does not support the argument.
    opposites: denycontradictrefutechallenge
  4.  bearhold upcarrysustainprop (up)reinforceholdbraceupholdbolsterunderpinshore upbuttress
    • the thick wooden posts that supported the ceiling
  5.  followbackchampionencouragefavouradvocateside withespouse
    • I’ve supported Newcastle all my miserable life.
  6.  toleratestand (for)sufferbearstomachendureundergosubmitbrookput up with (informal), countenancethole (dialect)


  1.  furtherancebackingpromotionchampionshipapprovalassistanceencouragementespousal
    • They are prepared to resort to violence in support of their views.
  2.  helpprotectioncomfortfriendshipassistanceblessingloyaltypatronagemoral supportsuccour
    • We hope to continue to have her close support and friendship.
    opposites: oppositionunderminingrejectiondenial
  3.  aidhelpbenefitsreliefassistance
    • the EC’s proposal to cut agricultural support
  4.  proppostfoundationbackliningstayshorebracepillarunderpinningstanchionstiffenerabutment
    • Rats had been gnawing at the supports of the house.
  5.  supporterpropmainstaytower of strengthsecondstaybackerbackbonecomforter
    • Andrew is terrific. He’s been such a support to me.
    opposites: antagonist
  6.  upkeepmaintenancekeeplivelihoodsubsistencesustenance
    • He failed to send child support.


Definitions taken from http://www.collinsdictionary.com, with thanks.

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