Blood sugar and cancer

2014-05-06 at 07.50

I spent my bank holiday ploughing through the Thomas Seyfried book, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease. I found it the most cohesive and convincing approach to explaining the disease at a cellular level that I’ve come across. It’s a total game changer – and puts your nutritional health smack-bang in the middle of the equation. 

Then, this morning I had the following information in my inbox showing promising trial results for metformin, a blood sugar lowering drug, and cancer maintenance.

I’ve written about metformin before and its likely role as a future wonder drug. In my opinion it’s a much healthier option than statins for overall health and longevity.

The accumulating evidence against carbs is too strong to ignore. We may not yet have all the answers but blood sugar is definitely part of the picture.

If you are battling or recovering from cancer than you could start by carefully following The Dissident Diet, with one, slight alteration. The DD allows unlimited protein (meat, fish, cheese, eggs, etc) but eating to beat cancer suggests that protein should be moderated to around 1.2 g per kilo of body weight, remembering that most sources or protein are not pure. For example, a 200g lamb chop may contain only about 50g of protein. There are plants of data out there to help you.

I’ll be blogging about the protein angle in due course. Meanwhile, why not use this summer to gradually inch the carbs out of your diet. You’ll feel so much better!

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  1. Dawn thanks for this my husband is currently undergoing treatment for metastatic prostate cancer I will mention this to his specialist.



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