Grain and your brain

“There is little doubt that one of the largest and most wide-reaching events in the ultimate decline of brain health in modern society has been the introduction of wheat grain into the human diet. While it’s true that our Neolithic ancestors consumed minuscule amounts of this grain, what we now call wheat bears little resemblance to the wild einkorn variety that our forebears consumed on rare occasions. With modern hybridisation and gene-modifying technology, the 133 pounds of wheat that the average American consumes each year shares almost no genetic, structural, or chemical likeness to what hunter-gatherers might have stumbled upon. And therein lies the problem: We are increasingly challenging our physiology with ingredients for which we are not genetically prepared.”

This quote, in the introduction of Dr David Perlmutter’s new book, ‘Grain Brain’ has the potential to blow your mind and save your mind at the same time.

Reading it may even save your life, and certainly has the potential to save you from a very sick old age.

Put it on your Christmas list, if you can wait that long.

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